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Momma Kiss: Blah Tuesday

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blah Tuesday

So Little Kiss’ ears appear to be fine. I’m glad for that, really. But our pattern seems to be infection, 2 weeks later – clear, 2 more weeks – infection. I can’t get the ENT on my own, but if it happens again (my poor baby) I’m just demanding the ENT appointment.

He did wake at 4am, but was able to fall back to sleep on his own. And didn’t get up till 6.30a, that’s 12+ hours people – WHEW!

I got Big Kiss a new bed yesterday – twin size. He’s been falling out of his toddler bed which = him snuggling in w/ us. Maybe this will help keep him in his room? And will be a nice surprise when he gets home.

The Mr. Man fell down our stairs last night. He fell hard, like ass over teakettle (like that one, Baby Momma?) – and it skerd the shit out of me. I yelled his name and he’s all quiet like – “I’m OK – but will you please come here”. And I go to see he’s in a heap at the bottom of the steps. Now this dude is 6’4, 220lbs – to see him all down in a pile like that was scary. We realized nothing was broken, but he’s going to be a sore mutha for a long time. Huge angry bruise under his bicep (that must have caught the railing on the way down). Just scary stuff. I almost cried. But then had to stifle a giggle (once I knew he was OK) b/c his hat was all crooked and he looked funny.

Anyhoodle, FYI:


Blogger Baby Momma said...

Busy, busy day. Missing the boy, moving furniture, Mr. Man falling down the stairs (I would have had to stifle a giggle too). Jeez.

Glad he's okay tho - could have ended very badly. Super glad he didn't wake the lil man!

When Adam & I were dating he hit his head on my Aunt's carport & ended up w/ 5 staples in his head. They bought him a hardhat for future family functions. Just throwing that out there!!!

7/22/08, 12:04 PM  

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