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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let's Hump it.


Yep, I’m having some wine. Ahhhhh. It’s Hump Day, why not celebrate? Forget the fact that I didn’t sleep a wink last night (really, I did some, but I’m in the mood to exaggerate).

I had to work late tonight, but made it home just in time to be smooched by Lil Kiss and farted on by Big Kiss. It’s his new trick. And then he says “Mummy, I smell somepin!” No shit, kid – you just blew ass!

While I put Lil Kiss to bed, my Mr. Man was slaving away in the kitchen making me dinner. With Wine. Ahhhh. And he did the dishes.

If I weren’t so damn crazy – I’d just take a bath and relax, but I’ve still got to get some packages ready to ship (a couple of lil “dumplings” are getting some swag soon), swap laundry loads, fold the dry load, pack lunches, watch Weeds, finish a PS document for a bud, contact paper the new linen closet shelves and sweep the floor.

You tired yet?


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