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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Steps

Mr. Kiss is in his home town for the funeral of a friend.

I took the boyz to this farmland / waterspouts today - met a few other couples w/ their kids. Big Kiss had the worlds best time. Fed the goats, rode the pony, got pecked by a chicken. And Little Kiss is the most calm, patient, laid back kid - chilled in the stroller while we chased around all over God's Creation.

We had some lunch and then went to the water part.

A-MAzing place for kids of all ages.

Big Kiss ran amuk and Lil Kiss just enjoyed sitting and splashing. All of a sudden he's crying and I see this little girl, maybe 4 years old? Stepping on his leg. Hard. I look over and she does it again, looking right at me. I said, very loudly and sternly, "stop stepping on him!" (looking for the heathen's parent as SHE DOES IT AGAIN!)"We don't step on other children!" No parent in sight. So I put my hand on her chest and slowly pushed her away.

Mo Fo undisciplined children.

So we moved to another area and all of a sudden Lil Kiss stands up. Just stands up on his own - his new trick.

Then he does it.

He took a step.

And another.

I yelled "what are you doing? WHAT are you doing?!"

Four steps. My baby, who's almost 11 months old is slowly becoming a non-infant, right before my eyes. I'm glad I saw his first steps - that they didn't happen in daycare - and our friends saw it and even strangers. They all clapped, which made him promptly plop on his ass, and said "we're witnessing history in this Momma's life."

Yes, they certainly were.

In other news, whoever said the Two's are Terrible apparently did not have a Three Year Old.

It is so incredibly difficult and frustrating to witness such a joyous, well behaved child - enjoying his first pony ride and yelling from across the yard "I'd like to go pee!" as we race to the restroom - go from nice to nasty in milliseconds.

And of course it's ALWAYS at home.

I've been told over and over that children who throw tantrums at home - whilst behaving like absolute angels everywhere else - do so because they know they are loved unconditionally and are comfortable enough to lose control. It's a sign that they feel your love. That they must need the release and know it'll be OK.

Well Fuck That.

I fucking sucks to end a day with a scream fest, off to bed with no books, stop messing around, I LOVE YOU frustration.


Blogger Baby Momma said...

What a day. :( for the Mr, :) for waterparks, first steps and cute sayings by loving 3 y/o's. :(( for the tantrum tho - that sucks.

Sorry your fun day ended so poorly.

7/29/08, 2:52 AM  

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