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Momma Kiss: So random it's not even random.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So random it's not even random.

I am so excited for the olympics!

My fave is gymnastics and swimming. Maybe diving, too. Those awesome splashless dives straight in...whilst a huge athletic accomplishment, always remind me of Dr. Oz's description of the perfect poop.

Why does it always come back to the poop for me?

Anyway - I thot I'd share something I heard on the radio today.

Tuesday is the worst day of the work week. Anyone agree?

Monday, still sorta in weekend mode...and catching up on e-mails, etc. Wednesday - Hump Day! Thursday, well, it's Friday Eve of course. And Friday is just plain ol TGIF, Motherfuckers!

So yeah - Tuesday. It's the suckiest day of the work week. But also the day I just hunker down & get the most done. No gym or lunch w/ friends on Tuesdays. Just Momma, workin away...


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