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Momma Kiss: "Can we be friends?"

Momma Kiss

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Can we be friends?"

I'm back.

Kicking and screaming, but back to reality.

New York F'N City was awesome. We actually had one of our best trips there ever, and we go a lot. Friday, the early morning from HELL turned out to be a great day. (mention the morning from hell? Little Kiss was up coughing / gaggin - puked his whole bottle on me at 2am, was up till 3.30am - and our train left at 6.15am. Good times. Memories. Anyway, the Mr. slept on the train (and I got a good shot of him sawing logs and drooling). I did not, but got a nap in later.

After checking in to the hotel, I had to put my eyeballs (a.k.a. contacts) in b/c it was a sunshiny day! We took the train to Coney Island. It wasn't as chickeasy cheeesy as I expected, but you can fo sho see how it can get crazy. We walked the boardwalk, laid on the beach for a while (huge for this sand hater - no towel or nuttin, just my bather's and my sundress to lay on), checked out the amusement park and then settled in with a Yard O' Pina Colada! With one free refill. Ahhhhhhhh.

We ended the trip with a Nathan's Hot Dog (best ever, IMO) and then I snoozed on the train back to midtown. And then I napped. For 2 hours. Pure bliss.

While I slept, Mr. Kiss walked around and found us a dinner spot. I got sparkled up and we found the best eats like 2 blocks from the hometel. A bottle of wine, fantastic dinner - real conversation...we felt like total losers heading back to the hotel before 9, but what the fuck - we're parents and we were god damn tired.

Saturday I woke up at 6, couldn't sleep - read the newspaper, some Crackberry internet time - and then felt like going back to bed. So I did. Till like 7.30. Have I mentioned Bliss?

Long day Saturday, too - and sadly, rain was in the forecast. We got a good breakfast, cruised Times Square, got some souvee's for the boyzz and then made the trek uptown to Yankee Stadium. Exit the subway and it's pouring rain. Not like I cared, but it meant the games may not be played :( We checked the weather on the Crack and were thinking positive.

Got some beers at the Bowling Alley, listened to the thunder clash outside, kept checking the doors for people coming in or not (raindrops on their shoulders? Wet umbrellas?).

The Old Timer's game was set to start at 1.30ish - and at 1.45ish we decided to just go in. As we were trekking all the way to Heaven, it seemed, the rain had stopped. They had 72 "old timers" return for this, the last one to be played in the historic venue. At one point, the Mr. was pretty choked up - he's been going to that park since he was tiny (was he ever tiny?) and many of the men were his baseball heroes. And just in time for the introductions - the clouds moved aside and the sun was shining.

They played for a while - all for show, then the MLB teams warmed up. The Yank's / Angels game started at 4 and we stayed till the very end. Saw 4 home runs (by the Yankee's) - exciting game. In the 8th inning, I said "follow me" and we snuck ourselves down to the first level on the 1st baseline. It'll be the Mr. Man's last time visiting Yankee Stadium and as Frank sang New York, New York, we said good bye. The new one is monstrous and I'm sure it'll be state of the art, but there's nothing like historic ball parks.

Of course because I was rained on, sweltered in the sun and rode the NYC subway system, I was pretty rank when we got home and boy o BOY did that shower feel like a spa.

Another local dinner, lots of wine and another fantastic night of sleep. Mmmm.

Today - train back to the kids - Big Kiss was waiting at the station and RAN into my arms yelling "My Missed YOU!" much to the joy of onlookers ;) We chilled at the 'rents for a while, trying to tire out the chitluns and then started our trek home.

Funny, the whole point of this entry was to document my putting Big Kiss to bed. We had a fun afternoon as a family - letting Lil Kiss cruise around every thing - checking out our almostdonebathroom (really, it's that close!) and then I did bedtime for both kids. Lil Kiss was first and as always, easy.

Big Kiss didn't want to sleep, wanted to sleep with me, wanted me to sleep with him. I get it - G'Ma Kiss baby's his ass - and being under the rules of the Kiss Hizza ain't easy. But I did lay w/ him for a bit, he likes to put his arm under my neck, like in a half hug and then asked me to put mine under his - it looked like Twister in a way, but was oddly comfortable. Then he said "Can we be friends?"

God, I wanted to squeeze him so damn tight and just never ever let go. Instead I said, "I'd love to be friends" and then just rubbed his hair a little bit before giving him a nose kiss and saying good night.

Is there anything better?


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