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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

M&M anyone?

I've been looking for a lil something special to do for Little Kiss' birthday - which is in ONE MONTH already. My baby, a freakin year old. Crap on a cracker, this year has gone too fast.

Anyway - we don't really do big parties for birthdays, but I've always thought the first should be a biggie - and for some of our asshole friends, it'll be the first time they're meeting the kid!

So I kicked ass on his invite (Photoshopaholics Anonymous, please help!) and upon seeing an ad for personalized M&M's - I caved and ordered some.

I'm a sucker.

But I felt like the kid needed some pizazz since his big brother will prolly steal the show during his party anyway.

The package arrived today - Yep, At Work (don't want candy sitting on my front door stoop for hours melting, no do I?)

Check it - all colorful and crap!

Yay! I got light blue, dark blue and white with "Happy Birthday" and "Little Kiss's 1st" AND HIS FACE!!

Hells Yeah, his face is on an M&M. Actually on a lot of them - I had to order 3 bags to get the free one ;)


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