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Momma Kiss: Sunshiny day...

Momma Kiss

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunshiny day...

Anyone remember this post: Lucky Mr. ?

Well Mr. Man was in the doghouse and even tho I was pissed, I still ordered him a gift. That was on July 4th (I think). It JUST arrived today! Cheeseandrice, talk about delayed shipping. But it's here, and numbered - #91 of 5000. Pretty cool, and he's gonna smooch me big when he gets it!

Kiss Hizza related, I had to meet my handy man Ronnie at our house today to replace our garbage disposal and verify that we do not have wires smoldering in the walls. He looked at me like I was crazy, but nicely said "the walls are fine" - and I left him to his devices and headed back to work.

Now is this odd to anyone? He asked if I wanted him to lock the door - it's a bolt lock, needs a key and locks from the outside. We often forget to lock our doors during the day, but I've never ever felt weird about it. Small town, etc. So he all big-eyed said "Are you Sure?" I said, yeah, no problem. My husband will be home at lunch (he won't) and he can do it.

BEFORE I didn't feel odd about it, but it got me wondering - am I too trusting? Like now he prolly realizes we don't always lock up. And he's seen our place inside & out. But - I don't know, he's worked for us on & off over the past 5 years and I feel like I trust him. Same thing w/ the bathroom contractor - we just left the door open for him all day long.

Whatev, I need to move on and not stress out.

I didn't go to the gym this morning, but don't worry your pretty lil head about me, I decided to take the dog for a long walk instead! I was all dressed, shuttled the boyz into Dora the Explora so the Mr. could bring them to school and was ready to leave for the gym. Then upon seeing how gorgeous it was outside, and knowing in a couple of months the sunlight and warmth will most likely be a distant memory, I decided to do the walk.

And OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY was the pooch happy! So happy, he shit like a block from home - which I promply scooped up and we moved along.

Yeah - about a mile later, he shit again and of course I didn't have a back up bag. Damn Dog. I actually tried to run (GASP) when I saw the code brown a comin - but he just had to go. I knocked on a neighbor's door and asked for a baggie - how embarrassing - but I'd rather that than be "That Neighbor" who doesn't pick up dog shit.

Anyhoodle - it was a lovely walk and I'm glad the pooch was tired out and didn't even move an inch when Ronnie Repair was workin away.

that was a long one - full of drivvel. whoops.


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