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Monday, August 18, 2008

Be the Pig

I had a lovely weekend. Really I did. My Friday night antics are still causing aches in my ribs from laughing so hard. Saturday was fun filled, even tho I got a case of pink eye. Conjunctivitis. Whatever you want to call it, it’s nasty and no fun. Sunday the Mr. Man golfed and I took the chitluns out for some retail therapy (wearing glasses and a hat to hide the horror called my eyes).

Big Kiss was such a helper wanting to push the stroller.

So cute.

Until I’m at the cash register paying for super plush new towels for my super fancy new bathroom and turn around and see him Spinning Lil Kiss so fast the stroller’s up on 2 wheels! Yeah, “My helping, Mom!” isn’t so cute and innocent at that point, is it? But he’s just getting big and loving doing things on his own. Last night even, after Lil Kiss went to bed, I asked him to help me clean and he looks at the toys and said “Who made this mess? Let’s clean it up. My don’t need your help!” OK kid, no problem here.

Lil Kiss showed me today why he’s been such a monster in the sleeping and eating department. Kid is pushing through 3 molars. Molars people! And his other bottom front teeth, too.

So last night Mr. Kiss almost burned our house down. I was up singing to Big Kiss for bedtime and I hear the Mr. scuttling about, some “Oh Shit’s” and by the time I got to the kitchen he’s got the fire extinguisher aimed at the sink cabinet. He tried to fix the garbage disposal and shorted something and that thin blue line of smoke was comin out. So he shut off the circuits and we’re having someone check it TODAY. I’m deathly afraid of an electrical fire – like maybe some wires are smoldering in the walls.

And so that brings me to this morning. I swear, it’s a sign – my forgetfulness – that maybe the gym is trying to tell me something. Pink eyes and all, I dropped off the chitluns (remembering all lunches and blankies) and got to the gym. I remembered my towel, thank God but forgot my makeup, my ipod and MY SHOES!? Seriously? What the hell. But I was here and stinky and just decided to rough it – I did the ellip and some free weights in my socks.

I heard this quote on the radio, some commercial, that goes as such:

“In a bacon and egg sandwich, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Be that pig!”

I’m sooooo trying to stay committed to this gym routine and be the fucking pig. I’m telling you, it ain’t easy.

Alas, another day, another dollar.

Ta ta.


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