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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm going on Strike


The Mr. Man is traveling again (single mom's are hard workers, let me tell you).

So I'm going on Strike tomorrow.

I plan to drop the kids at daycare when the place opens, leave the pooch at 'doggie daycare,' go get some coffee and read in peace, have my brows done, go home to shower and then I'm off to the spa.

Massage, facial, pedi.

It could only get better if they offer wine, I may have to request it... I then plan to go home, eat reallygoodbutbadforyou food, lounge by the pool, perhaps nap, read and swim. Sigh. Maybe I'll get some bon bons.

The kicker? I booked this all on Monday - and today, I got an e-mail from Mr. Kiss telling me that he knows I've been busy and working hard and single momma'ing it so I should book the spa for next week when he's home.

Um, er, "Hey, wouldn't you know it, they had an opening for tomorrow!" ;)


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