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Tough times - paying w/ your kid's cash?

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Momma Kiss: Tough times - paying w/ your kid's cash?

Momma Kiss

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tough times - paying w/ your kid's cash?

What’s goin on? Hmm. It’s Monday. Monday’s rock (not). I have a wine headache. From 2 glasses last night. Cripes, not from the bottle of bubbly on Friday – or the 6 beers another day – 2 glasses? Whatev. It hurts.

My baby boy had his first hairs-cut on Saturday. That super fine wispy baby hair – Gone. It instantly made him look like a little boy, not a baby and I cried. I also took him to get some prof pictures done, sportin his new do. He did incredible. I cried again.

Mr. Kiss got home Sat evening and I snuggled in with him and Big Kiss for most of the evening. Sunday, we had a crapton of crap to do – the Mr. is traveling again this week and his ‘rents are coming for the nite on Saturday and well, we just needed to get shit done. Got a new rug for our bedroom. And finally put the room back together, it’s been askew since the bathroom remodel. But since our bedroom only fits our King bed and a dresser, getting the rug in, sliding it under the bed frame, took Olympics like gymnastics stunts. And I’m SORE.

Alas, the room looks great, all sparkly clean, just like the bathroom. My dog took one step in there this morning and I about strangled him. I don't need his doggie drool and paw prints on my brand new rug. Please – can I have just 24 hours of clean bliss? Please?

I ran some errands at lunch today, of course Target was on the list. So I’m getting my dipes, etc. and then just pick a lane. The lady is almost done, her daughter unloading the cart when I notic that the mom is counting change from a princess piggy bank.

A Kid's piggy bank!

Not even kidding. I watched for a while (like 3 or 4 minutes) and was thinking, “really, is the economy that bad?” I’m not kidding. But I was too amused to change lanes.

So I took cell pics instead. Yeah. I did.

I just watched and waited my turn, and then started loading my stuff on and she said to me “Thanks for being so patient, really, we’re trying to teach her about Savings and having goals, you know?” I just smiled and said no problem. But I have to share the view, no?!

(that white-out on the right, that's me, in the reflection of the security mirror ahead of me...caught!)

OK, carry on. Have a lovely Monday. Or whatever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!!!! Counting change from a piggy bank - priceless!

8/25/08, 4:24 PM  

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