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Momma Kiss: Yay. Boo.

Momma Kiss

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Yay. Boo.

I was up playing waaaaay too late last night. And my boyz like to rise & shine w/ the birdies chirping, so Momma’s tired. Mr. Man is on his way home right now (yay) but then he’s off again for the night (boo). He’s taking The Loud One with him, tho – so I’ll get some one on one with my little baby kiss. I’m excited. Last night, we had some major power potty struggles with Big Kiss – and the poor Lil Kiss just gets the shaft. He's so chill and sits back to take it all in when his big rother brother is throwing tantrums and being, well, 3. So I’m very happy to smother him in Momma love for 24 hours. We’re getting his hair cut (again, boo) and then his pics taken (yay!).

So Big Kiss moves to a new room in daycare next week (he’s only 3 – but we call it school) and they need a sleeping bag for nap / rest time. I was thisclose to buying the cutest azz bag from Land's End – but it was frikkin $79.50.

Eighty Bucks for a sleeping bag? For a CHILD’s sleeping bag.

I totally hemmed & hawed for like 15 minutes. It’s so cute, but he’s only 3, and it’s staying at school, but it’s so Big Boy, but it’s Eighty Bucks! The good conscience won and I went with a much cheaper Speed Racer bag – and its carry sack lights up, he’ll flip for that shit.

Since I was in the mall, I just got food court lunch. The Asian stuff. So spicy it made my brows sweat – HO leeee. And so not Being The Pig…just am a pig. Wait, I did go to the gym this morning, so I guess, yah, I’m still Being The Pig. Follow that ? ;)

OK – here’s to a good weekend!


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