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Momma Kiss: March 2009

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Thoughts

I'm so over this super long hour work crap. I am.

Some funny things my kids have said to me lately.

Big Kiss:

I got home after he was in bed last night, so this morning he decided to tell me, at 5am, that he had an "Awesome Awesome Awesome dinner!"

The other night while putting him to bed, he said "I very love you. I'm so proud of you." and he nose kissed me and patted my head.

Sunday night, he and I slept in the guest room so Mr. Kiss could get some sleep and at 5.30 am he wet the bed. And me - since he was basically spooning me. That was fun.

While watching "the weather" (my 2 minute news check in the morning before he gets his GD cartoons)...he says "I very think it's going to be cold today. I'm over winter."

And he's adding shit to his Christmas list. It's MARCH people!

Lil Kiss? Hmmm, let's see. He's learning to count. To 2. Hey, it's a start.

He is saying "I Love You" or "Thank You" - can't really tell which, but I'm going with "I Love You."

He wants to do EVERYTHING that his big brother does. Everything. I hope this translates to pissing and pooping in the potty soon.

He sleeps damn good. It's his saving grace, because he's in his terrible two's a tad early. And since the No Bah Bah fight, we don't even snuggle anymore at bedtime, he just points to his crib and goes in there. Hrmph.

OK - that was fun. Brought me out of my work mode for a smidge.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Work ROCKS.

It's Saturday.

I'm working.

I'm way tired - and a tad hungover, but probably still drunk. Had a LOT of Vodka last night. I think I need a change. I drank every night last week.

Syracuse shit the bed and totally blew my NCAA pool. Bastards.

Mr. Kiss is hangin today, too - and he's got the kids.

Good luck w/ that, I'd rather be home w/ you guys!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashy Friday

That's all.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Koo Koo Koo Koo

I'm going Koo Koo. I am.

A few lil tidbits, then I need to bust ass outta here.

I left work yesterday at 5. "Early." And we had the BEST evening w/ the kids. Outside playing. It was like 50 degrees and I swear we almost went jacketless. Had a lil "picmic" dinner w/ the kids and shipped them to bed. Mr. Kiss had a really good birthday, I'm glad. He said it was one of his best in a long time.

Score a Point for Me!

Today I was so late, it's not even funny. My children were absolute terrorizers this morning. Is that a word? It should be. Lil Kiss - thinks he's a BAMF* and Looks me right in the eye as he terrorizes me. Big Kiss is a sissy. He is. I need to send him to boot camp or something.

So I'm 'meh' on the inside, but 'over-peppy' on the outside today. I decided to wear some springy shoes to help the overall appearance.

Side note? My sister? My 46 year old sister? She decided to join facebook and sent me a friend invite like a week ago. I finally 'accepted' it and sort of want to puke. A) she didn't even send a message w/ the request, like "hi, I know we haven't talked much, but hell - be my FB Friend!" and B) she's "friends" w/ her kid. Her almost 20 year old college kid. If I were my niece, I'd be horrified.

Anyway - we'll see what comes of it. If she decides this is a way to 'keep up' with me (reminder, she's my SISTER) rather than calling or writing me, that's her problem, not mine. I'm funny and pretty, and she's been missing out on my company :p

oh, last thing. I had to put a bandaid on myself today. In a place where bandaids should never be. That's all I'm saying.

*I recently googled that, it's by Dane Cook. It's wicked...

Wanted to share - this totally brightened my day!

Cupycake Cons

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HBD, Mr. Kiss

Today is my husband's birthday.

He got some REALLY REALLY Good news today, so what was intended to be "pizza nite" out w/ the boys is now going to be "How fast can we get them to bed so we can celebrate" nite together!

Per his request, I didn't even bake for him (the HORROR!) - he requested a grocery store cake (puke - where's Cake Wrecks when I need them?)...and we actually had that this past weekend w/ his 'rents.

Fine by me. I've been on a caloric lull today so that I can drink and eat LOADS of sushi later. WHEEEEEE!

So yeah, Happy Birthday, Husband o' mine. Luff ya loads.

*Um, I just noticed that on Monday I said I was on the wagon. Whoops. Didn't last long, did it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Find a Pin!


I found a pin

and DIDN'T pick it up!

All day long, I've had bad luck...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sports Chick!

I participate in the March Madness pool at work.

I'm not a "throw darts" or pick a team based on cute mascots or color of jersey's type of girl, but I'm no pro either.

I know some basketball.

And let me just say? Out of 87 people? I'm in first place right now.


Yeah, that's right.

Not only do I have 15 of the Sweet 16 right, I'm the only one who picked Syracuse to win. So if that happens, I'm the sole winner. If not (which is very likely), well, it was nice to see my name at the top of that spreadsheet for the entire WEEK!

Weekend recap? 100% hung over on Saturday morning (Momma Kiss + 2 bottles of champagne and good conversation = headache). Had a super girly evening w/ A (pedicures, shopping, dinner and a movie). Sunday the in-laws came over to celebrate Mr. Kiss' birthday. Once again, I ate more food that should be humanly possible and had more to drink. Lil Kiss slept thru the night BOTH NIGHTS. Like 12+ hours thru the night!

For the record: I'm on the wagon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


My Dunkin Great One was not Great One enough for me this morning.

A wise friend told me recently that if I get back in the swing of working out, I'll have more energy.


She's right. I've been swamped and not making it a priority. I'm eating like shit (but not gaining, whew!); drinking; and exhausted.

I "play" mommy for a few hours after work, catch up on DVR or online (note - this entails sitting on my ass) and go to bed.

Every single night, one of my children (or the dog) cries out or needs some sort of attention. This has been the deal since June 1, 2005. We seriously pay lots of $$$ to go away and SLEEP thru the night.

So it's wearing on me lately. A Lot. And I'm MEH.

Just Meh.

Bright note, tho?? My Aussie friend mentioned possibly coming to visit in September. Can you say SWEETBABYJESUS?! I'm stoked for that one. Smooches, CB!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Weekend, arrive soon, pleaseandthankyou

I sleept, well, meh last night.

Had a Guinness for dinner (Meal in a Can, that one is!) so I wasn't even drunk. And my children weren't total monsters during the night.

So why in GOD's NAME am I so tired???

Don't even ask, I am 100000% not pregnant.

I just think I'm run down and need a break.

Thing is? When I "take a break" I typically am a lazy ass and then get drunk. Not a good formula for catching up on sleep.

We have no plans this weekend, it's supposed to be decent outside and I hope I find time to rest.

Oh well.

Today, I resorted to the Costanza nap. Yes. Yes I did.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O' The Feckin Mornin to YA!

Monday, March 16, 2009

STFU, Mom!

Frikkin hysterical.

3 yr old bashes mom's blog

quote: "And to be honest I have WAY more important things on my mind than her anxiety about how I look at Target. For one, there are six monsters living under my bed -- and monsters don't give a sh*t if your hair looks good. They. Will. Eat. You. "

Anywhere, Anytime...

Reason number 147 I love having boys...

Friday, March 13, 2009


I got like 2.2 hours of sleep. No Bah Bah child was up All. Night. LONG.

And my biggest child, Mr. Kiss, came in stumbling drunk at 2am. He was out watching the Longest Game Ever (he's a 'Cuse alum).

So 1am till 3am for Lil Kiss, the last hour of that was spent listening to his whines AND smelling Mr. Kiss' open mouth booze breath. Hurl. 4am till 5am, Lil Kiss dealing w/ his nubby cup. 5.30 am, awoken for the day by Big Kiss repeatedly yelling, whispering, requesting Waffles.

He got his god damn waffles.

And Mr. Kiss is STILL sleeping.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trash the Bah Bah!!!

Lil Kiss had his well baby check up today. The 18mos check up. Dr. O looked at his gappy teeth and asked how much milk he drank. Mr. Kiss answered "3 or 4 bottles and a couple of sippy cups."


He wasn't supposed to tell him about the bottles!

So Dr. O said to quit the bottles.

Damn. He said the same thing at his 15 mos appointment.

So Mr. Kiss is out tonight (be careful, big dude - I know you have tomorrow off, and the Big City is alluring!). I stopped at CVS to get some nubby cups (basically a frikkin bottle w/ handles).

So here goes. He typically would pull on the fridge handle, yell Bah BAH and then sit down right there and wait. The kid CAN and does drink milk from a sippy cup. But he's got us trained to holler when he wants one and it's easier to just give in.


We got home, opened the new cups, and he trashed his bottles. While he held his new cups, I handed him the empty bottles and asked him to throw them in the trash. And, know what? He did!

We'll see if he "gets it."

And night time was OK w/ the nubby cup. It's a transition. And shit, I like my gappy tooth kid - those aren't even his permanent teeth!


It's FINALLY Thursday. Thank you sweetbabyjesus!

DST is kicking my ass. My child is only semi-whiny today. I'm almost over the super super busy time.

Tomorrow is Friday.

I need a drink.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Got a secret, can you keep it...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mmmmm Cupcakes.

I've been obsessed with cupcakes lately.


Scouring the web for recipes. And wondering when I can find the time to make them. I've found some really fun ones for St. Patty's day:

Irish car bomb cupcakes, Guinness cupcakes, Shamrock Shake cupcakes, Green Mint cupcakes.

And for Easter? Cadbury Egg cupcakes? DROOL!!!!

Good thing I'm busy - or I'd blow this pop stand and go home & bake!

I seriously have ADD today.

Margarita cupcakes.

Shamrock Shake cupcakes

Monday, March 9, 2009


It's Monday.

It's snowing.

I'm wicked tired.

It's snowing.

I'm so behind in my online reading, my google reader is about to burst!

I have a crapton to do at work.

It's snowing.

One of my BFF's was scheduled for a c-section w/ her almost 35 week twins this morning.

Praying they're OK.

Did I mention it's snowing?

****She had the babies. 7lbs 2oz and 6lbs 7oz. At 34 weeks! Holy Lotta Babies!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grounds for divorce?

I wonder how many divorces are caused by this:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

It's just WRONG. Squeeze from the bottom. And clean the DAMN CAP!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Thank God It's Fluckin Friday!

Strep still reigns...

We're on Day 5 of forcing penicillin in my son. Good times.

And along w/ his fever, coughs, golf ball glands and sore throat - he's also had a rash. It got really bad w/ the fevers, we took him in, and were told "it's viral."

Scary as hell to look at! But it's not buggin him and is not as "angry" today as it has been.

I need a health kick.

Big Time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


My Baby Boy, Lil Kiss, is 18 months old today.


He's a firecracker, that's the God's Honest Truth. And I luff him so.

Happy Half Birthday, buddy.

Enjoy it, it's your last one ;)

After 2, you only get to celebrate full years.

**know what? I think I started blogging about a year ago? When he was 6mos old?? Hmmmmm. Pondering that concept.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


March has come in like a god damn lion.

We got a crapton of snow. Which I typically don't mind, and hell - it's New England, I asked for it by living here.

Snow started Sunday night - Mr. Kiss was supposed to leave for Cali on Monday morning. His flight got canceled a good 12 hours before departure.

Daycare closed.

Our snow blower broke.

Mr. Kiss went to shovel me out (f'n busy season, I had to come in).

Shovel broke.

Called around to see where I could buy a new shovel. Home Depot laughed at me.

Big Kiss been sick, whiny, saying his tummy and throat hurt. Took him for the strep swab, it's positive.

He was in bed by 6 - before I could get any penicillin in him. And tossed and turned all night long. Super fever (tho I didn't take his temp, kid was on fire). And now he has red bumps all over his arms and legs.

He's home again today, Mr. Kiss taking him to pedi soon to check out WTF is wrong w/ him.

Mr. Kiss has PMS and bitches about shit like this - beyond our control (weather, Lil Kiss whining, Big Kiss' fever, etc.)

I'm working again today. Lil Kiss is in daycare today.

I'm beyond exhausted.

And I'm embarrassed that my children have been so sick. Really. Like what am I doing wrong??

Edit to add:

I'm pretty sure my husband was born with a vagina. I know he has a penis, we used it to get my 2 gorgeous kids, but he's such a pussy sometimes. Just doesn't deal well.