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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


March has come in like a god damn lion.

We got a crapton of snow. Which I typically don't mind, and hell - it's New England, I asked for it by living here.

Snow started Sunday night - Mr. Kiss was supposed to leave for Cali on Monday morning. His flight got canceled a good 12 hours before departure.

Daycare closed.

Our snow blower broke.

Mr. Kiss went to shovel me out (f'n busy season, I had to come in).

Shovel broke.

Called around to see where I could buy a new shovel. Home Depot laughed at me.

Big Kiss been sick, whiny, saying his tummy and throat hurt. Took him for the strep swab, it's positive.

He was in bed by 6 - before I could get any penicillin in him. And tossed and turned all night long. Super fever (tho I didn't take his temp, kid was on fire). And now he has red bumps all over his arms and legs.

He's home again today, Mr. Kiss taking him to pedi soon to check out WTF is wrong w/ him.

Mr. Kiss has PMS and bitches about shit like this - beyond our control (weather, Lil Kiss whining, Big Kiss' fever, etc.)

I'm working again today. Lil Kiss is in daycare today.

I'm beyond exhausted.

And I'm embarrassed that my children have been so sick. Really. Like what am I doing wrong??

Edit to add:

I'm pretty sure my husband was born with a vagina. I know he has a penis, we used it to get my 2 gorgeous kids, but he's such a pussy sometimes. Just doesn't deal well.


Blogger Denise said...

That sucks! :( It sounds like you need to drown your sorrows with a startini. LOTS of startinis! :(

Sorry the kids are so sick - NOT your fault!

Sorry the hubby has a vagina. Mine has one at times too!

3/3/09, 5:43 PM  

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