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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trash the Bah Bah!!!

Lil Kiss had his well baby check up today. The 18mos check up. Dr. O looked at his gappy teeth and asked how much milk he drank. Mr. Kiss answered "3 or 4 bottles and a couple of sippy cups."


He wasn't supposed to tell him about the bottles!

So Dr. O said to quit the bottles.

Damn. He said the same thing at his 15 mos appointment.

So Mr. Kiss is out tonight (be careful, big dude - I know you have tomorrow off, and the Big City is alluring!). I stopped at CVS to get some nubby cups (basically a frikkin bottle w/ handles).

So here goes. He typically would pull on the fridge handle, yell Bah BAH and then sit down right there and wait. The kid CAN and does drink milk from a sippy cup. But he's got us trained to holler when he wants one and it's easier to just give in.


We got home, opened the new cups, and he trashed his bottles. While he held his new cups, I handed him the empty bottles and asked him to throw them in the trash. And, know what? He did!

We'll see if he "gets it."

And night time was OK w/ the nubby cup. It's a transition. And shit, I like my gappy tooth kid - those aren't even his permanent teeth!


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