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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sports Chick!

I participate in the March Madness pool at work.

I'm not a "throw darts" or pick a team based on cute mascots or color of jersey's type of girl, but I'm no pro either.

I know some basketball.

And let me just say? Out of 87 people? I'm in first place right now.


Yeah, that's right.

Not only do I have 15 of the Sweet 16 right, I'm the only one who picked Syracuse to win. So if that happens, I'm the sole winner. If not (which is very likely), well, it was nice to see my name at the top of that spreadsheet for the entire WEEK!

Weekend recap? 100% hung over on Saturday morning (Momma Kiss + 2 bottles of champagne and good conversation = headache). Had a super girly evening w/ A (pedicures, shopping, dinner and a movie). Sunday the in-laws came over to celebrate Mr. Kiss' birthday. Once again, I ate more food that should be humanly possible and had more to drink. Lil Kiss slept thru the night BOTH NIGHTS. Like 12+ hours thru the night!

For the record: I'm on the wagon.


Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I wish I knew more about March Madness, it seems like fun. I just don't follow basketball, only sport I don't follow LOL

3/24/09, 11:06 AM  

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