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Dear Weekend, arrive soon, pleaseandthankyou

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Momma Kiss: Dear Weekend, arrive soon, pleaseandthankyou

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Weekend, arrive soon, pleaseandthankyou

I sleept, well, meh last night.

Had a Guinness for dinner (Meal in a Can, that one is!) so I wasn't even drunk. And my children weren't total monsters during the night.

So why in GOD's NAME am I so tired???

Don't even ask, I am 100000% not pregnant.

I just think I'm run down and need a break.

Thing is? When I "take a break" I typically am a lazy ass and then get drunk. Not a good formula for catching up on sleep.

We have no plans this weekend, it's supposed to be decent outside and I hope I find time to rest.

Oh well.

Today, I resorted to the Costanza nap. Yes. Yes I did.


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