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Momma Kiss: I'm doing a PSA - Senate Bill 1738

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm doing a PSA - Senate Bill 1738

Protect Our Children Act – Senate Bill 1738

I watched my DVR’d Oprah last night thru tear filled eyes. I was enraged hearing of the sick and twisted fucks out there. These internet ‘image traders’ – they trade child porn images like baseball cards. And videos. Of LIVE molestation. She didn’t show any of it, of course, but that didn’t make me less nauseous.

She had an officer on, Agent Flint Waters from Wyoming (I think) who developed a software program to track the images and he said he’s overwhelmed with his job, but he keeps working because he’s helping children. He pointed to a stack of papers and said something like “when I go home at night, that stack of ‘open items’ isn’t just paperwork unfinished, it’s another child that I couldn’t help today, that hopefully I can help tomorrow.”

Can you friggin imagine?! This guy – and those at the Federal Child Protection Agency – who screen these images – all need medals for the work they’re doing.

The show was amazing, no ‘music’ before a commercial break, no clapping – just an informative show about the fucking disease known as child predators and how they use the internet to get their kicks. BUT, being Oprah, I knew she’d so a “so now what” portion and she did.

The law enforcement officers need funding. They have systems in place to track and even FIND these bastards. But need the funding to get it all done.

Go to her site, find the link to your home state Senators and write to them to Pass This Bill! This is bipartisan; democrat, republican, independent, crunchy – I don’t care who you want in the White House – they need to hear from us to pass this bill so that they can continue their work on catching these twisted fucks.

Here’s Oprah’s site:
Oprah Helps Pass the Protect Our Children Act

And another I found that sums up the show.
Tellin it like it is...

I’m not even kidding, if I found out anyone even considered this w/ my kid – yes, my toddler and baby are of prime age for this shit – they’d have to tranquilize me to keep me from cutting their extremities off. I’d die in the process – I can’t even tell you.


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