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Monday, September 1, 2008

Quiet Please.

My extended strike was fantastical. Friday some friends came over, then I did this all afternoon...

Mr. Man got home around 2 (YAY!) and we got the monsters around 4. Friday nite pizza nite, some chats and then beddie-bye for Momma!

Saturday morning, I left the house wicked early to be a volunteer at the PGA Tour event in town. Worked all day long, and then went to dinner w/ A after - got home around 9.30. Talk about tired. My feet had blisters, my back hurt. I was on Hole 5, guarding crossings, holding up the QUIET sign, telling drunks to Shhhh. Good times. A gave me some good assignments, she's the boss on the Hole - it was a great day. And, no worries about the Boyz - Mr. Man called in reinforcements. His 'Rents came over to help him out visit for the 2 days I was volunteering. Of course, the Boyz love their company, so it's all good.

Sunday morning, tee time was 7.02. Sheesh - so I left the house at like 5.30 - and Sunday was H-O-T. Like 85 and sunny. Windy, too. I used sunscreen, but didn't reapply. Ouch. Not as long a day - and Mr. Kiss came to watch golf, so I was able to talk to him when I was on a boring post. After the golfers were thru Hole 5 - my day was done. In years past, I totally stuck around to watch the finish, have some drinks, etc.

Not yesterday. I wanted to cry my feet hurt so bad. Like literally cry. And Hole 5 is like in GUAM, so far out from the entrance to the course, so I had to hobble my way back to the car. Christ, I felt old.

Got home and the boyz were so excited to see me. What a great feeling. But I wanted to die, so I pawned them off on G'Ma for another 30 minutes and took a long hot soak in The Wonder Tub. Sigh. The 'rents left after dinner, monsters in bed by 7, I was in bed at 7.30. Again, I'm old.

This was my view from the Tee on Hole 5 yesterday morning. Shhhh, it's illegal to have cell phones or cameras - but I'm not one to play by the rules.

I think that's Rocco Mediate - or Corey Pavin. They had just hit their tee shot. It was early, tho - and I don't remember who the hell it was.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your old feet are feeling better today. I didn't realize you were there both days!

Does the wonder tub live up to its name?

9/1/08, 11:43 AM  

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