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Momma Kiss: An idea - thank you cards

Momma Kiss

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Friday, September 12, 2008

An idea - thank you cards

This week I was writing out thank you cards for all the prezzies Lil Kiss got for his birthday, and thot I'd share what we did.

I love making cards, sending cards and just paper productes in general. I'm a paper lover!

The first gift he got in the mail had the cutest wrapping paper on it. I decided to save some of it for his Thank You to that person. Recycling AND a personalized card.


Card: (another gift was wrapped in the robots)

Fun, huh?

During the party, I was actually pausing to try to remember what gift was wrapped in what. And if they used a bag, I cut part of the lil taggie or used some of the tissue paper. Which wasn't at all easy after a few glasses of Mommy Juice. But it worked. And I don't care what the recipients think - I loved them :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. I however, won't be a recipient of one of those snazzy cards b/c my bag, well, lets just say my bag didn't make it...


You go Martha.

9/13/08, 12:23 AM  

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