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Friday, September 5, 2008

A watched pot never boils?

I'm watching water boil.


Waiting to melt white chocolate to dip my cheesecake lolipops in. This is the last task of the evening, I've already made 4 dozen cupcakes, 2 dozen cookies and cream cheese fruit dip. I also finished the favor bags (w/ the Face on an M&M) and the cupcake "decor" thingies.

Today is my baby boy's birthday. He's 1. I made this video montage of his first year - and cheesenrice, I bawled like all day long. You add songs, and I picked just the right ones. It's 8 minutes. 8 minutes to sum up his first year of life. But it's flippin amazing. And I think I'll spend whatever $$ they want to buy a dvd of it, I think the lil man would like to see it someday. Or his wife, I suppose ;)

So the reason I had to remake 2 dozen cookies is that the batch I made on Thursday? Before work? My fucking dog ate them. ALL OF THEM. Damn Dog. It's like "he at the homework" but worse. So Lil Kiss went to school w/ very un-Martha-like cookies this morning - but the current batch look much better than the peni batch. Whew.

Had a good time last night w/ A. The guy was wicked late - turns out he doesn't get text on his Crack - so when she texted him the time / place, and he never responded, and she got all craxy about it - it was for nothing. Good thing we called around 7 just to say we were getting apps and would wait if he was comin ;) He was. Damn, I laughed so hard. A & I could have fun staring at a blank wall, I swear. Good times.

I'm purposely babbling acuz I'm avoiding my emotional wreck of a day. I'm so blessed to have such a remarkable family. Truly Blessed. I'm just gonna leave it at that ;)

Water's done!


Blogger Jana said...

I'm so glad that you found my blog... and that you like it! I welcome stalkers and would be happy to have you as one of them!

9/6/08, 10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your lil man had a good b-day, & the lollipops turned out yummy delicious! ;)

9/8/08, 12:11 AM  

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