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Momma Kiss: Shukefest 2008

Momma Kiss

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Shukefest 2008

So Friday night’s Pukefest was like the town 4H fair compared to last night. Big Kiss was up allllll night long – and this kid can not upchuck in a bag, a can or the toilet. Nope. He prefers to puke on his Momma.

And the kicker?

Wait for it…



Both Momma and Daddy got it!!


So in between cleaning my sheets, my kid’s sheets, every towel we owned and sitting upright in the bathtub for 45 minutes during the height of the storm, so to speak – I also got to hug the bowl myself. And shuke. Ass on the bowl, can in hand. Mr. Kiss had to go downstairs to do his business.

Stomach bugs can bite my ass. And chew on it for a while. A long while.


And p.s. I was supposed to be donating blood this morning. Too bad all of my bodily fluids are toxic, I was actually looking forward to that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no... I am so sorry.
Good news is twofold:
1. It's a quick moving bug. Proof in point, Lil Kiss was good to go the next day

2. Guaranteed loser with shuking. Guaranteed. :)

I'm always looking for that damn silver lining!

9/22/08, 10:29 AM  

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