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Momma Kiss: Pukefest 2008

Momma Kiss

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pukefest 2008

I hate puke. With a passion. I can change a shitty diaper, clean up messy messes, but I hate puke.

So how fun was my night - last night - when Lil Kiss decided to toss his cookies no less than 4x. Once, around 10pm, while changing him - so it was like projectile puke up onto my glasses, then he's covered in it and I'm afraid he's choking on the volume. He did not. Thankfully. Clean him up, the changing table, me - settle him, back to sleep. Till 11.30. All over him and the sheets. And me for good measure when I went to get him. Clean up, change sheets, settle him. 1am. Repeat. 3am. Repeat. He did wake at 6, and was able to drink some and has had a fine day - but dayum, poor chap had some sort of bug.

But I need to repeat, I HATE puke. Are you happy you know this?


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