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Momma Kiss: T-T-T-Tuesday. Blech.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

T-T-T-Tuesday. Blech.

Oh Low. Tuesday. We ALL know how much I really despise Tuesdays. It's just the zit on the butt of the week, I swear.

We had a busy weekend. Took the boyz on the train to the city for the first time. Found out the super fun way that Lil Kiss hates it. YAY! He screamed for, oh, 42 of the 45 minute ride? Yah, good times. We tooled around the city for a couple of hours and then braced ourselves for the ride back. Thankfully I bought a pack of pacifiers, ripped them open and shoved one in his mouth...he was asleep w/in seconds. Which was needed, because Big Kiss LOVED the ride. They see the train often during their school day - so to actually be on it was cool for him.

Sunday we met friends at the dog park and when on a huge hike. Much needed for all! And then went to a Memorial gathering for one of my Momma friends. Her husband was killed 3 years ago. They have a 4 year old :( Sad. Glad I could support her, tho.

Sunday we also went to the grocery store. I love going w/ just Big Kiss...he helps, loves the mono-y-mono attention and it's a good time. However, we got home to Daddy staring at Lil Kiss screaming. Another YAY! I tried many a solution, and finally drugs and the crib were the answer. He was in bed, for the night, at 5pm. D'OH!

Mr. Kiss took off on a trip Monday morning, and we decided to go watch the Marathon racers for a while. We're close to the race path, and it was awesome. That afternoon, I shopped for something to wear to a wedding this Friday (last minute? Anyone?) and a swim suit. I also scored a kick ass spring jacket. LOVE when I find a bargain!

how cute is THAT?! 3/4 length sleeves, super springy color. LOVE IT

Today? Had to get both kids ready for school, I had a dentist appointment bright & early - and huge meeting at work at 9.30. UGH! Pack it all in or what?? The morning was nuts, but the kids let me shower (while banging on the shower door) and get them dressed (while squirming all over creation) and then - I got to fireman carry Lil Kiss in to daycare. I was a sight, to be sure. Can't wait to pick them up later :)


Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

LOVE the jacket! I need to get a cute spring one...I can't wait until my sisters wedding is over so I can shop for myself again!

4/21/09, 4:23 PM  

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