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Friday, April 17, 2009

Candy Me!

I'm on a quest to cut calories. And control portion size. And not drink like a GD Fish every single night.

I'm doing pretty good so far. Not even going by the scale, but by my overall feeling. Less swollen...less sausage fingers...less hungover ;)

Anyway - during my busy time at work, I was snacking (and drinking) a lot. Since then, I've reverted back to the old stand by of Diet Dr. Pepper - a freakin GODSEND! And recently re-found these little gems:

They're hard candies, and I loooooooove them can have 3 of them w/out feeling like I'm failing at the "eat good" campaign.

Then today whilst enjoying a Nooner with my Lovah (Target) - I found this little snack pack of Sugar Free mini Werther's - and By George, they're GOOD! So I can keep those bad boys in my pocket when I need a fix.

Isn't this scintillating??? I know it is. I know it's what the WORLD was wondering: how is MommaKiss curbing her appetite.

Well now you know.

(sarcasm much?) :p


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