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Monday, April 6, 2009

Pass me the wine, please.

So, I was on a friend's site, and noticed my 'last updated' on her site said 4 days ago.

Wha Wha WHAT?! (SB, I know you'll get that one - we say it all the time).

Friday. My day of bliss. I couldn't get my family out of the house fast enough. Had a nice relaxing cup of coffee and watched the Today Show before my massage at nine. I totally fell asleep during it. Like so hard I drooled and "snorted" when I woke up. I guess that's a sign of a good massage. She did kick my ass, tho - or I should say the knots in my back. I was bruised! Mmmm. Good pain.

After the massage, I shipped some stuff off at the post office then got my hairs cut. Another pampering session - I wish I could have her wash and dry my hair every. single. day.

Lunch w/ 2 of my mama friends, including Presecco. Shopping, then home to nap away my worries before the monsters arrived.

Pizza for dinner - kids tossed in bed - and some DVR w/ the Mr. AND? Because I'm trying hard to not eat the house down, instead of having a startini (or four), I had me a lil Diet Dr. Pepper w/ Vodka. Surprisingly delicious.

Also surprisingly STRONG.

Holy shit, the drunk kicked in right quick and I went to bed sort of early.

Good thing, because at the ungodly hour of 10am I had our first of the teeny kiddie parties to go to on Saturday morning. I didn't even negotiate the fact that I needed to sleep till 9. But I did, got up, tossed a hat on, threw the gift in a bag and took the Kiss Kids to the party.

It's a good thing there were many parents about, because the sheer noise level could have floored me - but I had lots of help. This place was actually really cool:

Like a giant rubber room for toddlers. Sweet.

After the running around, tho - it was 'party' time and all they had was Cake. The party was 10 to noon. And so my kids had cake for lunch. Grand.

At home, Lil Kiss napped, Mr. Kiss was out so I let The Grinch babysit Big Kiss and napped on the couch.

Apparently, I fell asleep quite hard because when I woke up Mr. Kiss was home and said "you OK?" I said yeah, why?

He said when he got home, Big Kiss was dressed in his t-shirt and undies and announced "Momma didn't feed me lunch!"

Me: "Erm, ah, well, he said he wasn't hungry after the cake, and as for the lack of pants, I can't comment."

Mr. Kiss: "I come home to mayhem, it's like The Lord of the Flies!"

I told him to go away and went back to sleep.

We did whatever the rest of the day, had some Sushi / Flied Lice for dinner and I hit the sack. Hangovers SUCK at 34!

Sunday, yet another birthday party at 10am. This time I knew I'd be saved - she was serving Mimosas! And, actual food so that my kids could nosh all morning, then have cake.

Again, Lil Kiss and I napped (under the ruse of watching a movie in my room) and when naptime was over, off we go to the last party of the weekend. 3 yr old lil sweetie pie had 15 of her dearest closest friends to Build A Bear - pure joy! Really! Esp for my super shy big boy and perpetual motion little boy.

Neither kid wanted to participate in building the damn bear, so I had to do all the work. Of course, I looked fantastic doing it, in my new black wedges and tit-enhancing shirt, but that's beside the point.

After the joy was over, off to the food court for more Cake. Really? YAY! Cake 3x in one weekend!

Good lord, it was a long weekend and fully reinforced the decision Mr. Kiss and I have made to NOT have toddler birthday parties until the munchkin can ask for it. We did "huge" for each kid's first birthday party - but for Big Kiss' 2 and 3, just had some family together. And I mean minimal, family is way spread out, so it was a nice relaxing time. I'm guessing when he's 5 and really will appreciate the celebration of it, we may have to revisit. Anyway - and as we sipped our wine after the kids were in bed last night, we talked about that joint decision and clinked glasses to our smartness. :p


Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I don't know how you managed to survive 3 bday parties in one weekend!

4/6/09, 3:31 PM  
Blogger MommaKiss said...

BS&BC, no joke. It's one thing if it's - like - party central WOO! But no - I barely knew anyone at the first 2 and the third I just chased my kids.

Like I said, pass me the wine!

4/8/09, 9:34 AM  

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