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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter on my Keester

Sigh. I could spend a lot of time sitting on my ass if only I weren't a mom, wife, worker, friend...

I had a super nice relaxing weekend. Well - the road trip to and from Grandmama's? Both legs pretty much sucked. I sit in the back w/ the kids - it's Me, lil Kiss and Big Kiss in their car seats. And the dog, in the way back, breathing his nasty shitty dog breath on my neck. Mr. Kiss drives - and believe me, he's got it easy. Slaps on the ipod and just tunes out the chaos. At one point, Lil Kiss was sucking on his toe. Like a lot. Like he was sucking his thumb. Big Kiss' movie was over, so he decided to throw a fit. While strapped in the carseat. We had JUST passed a rest area when he announced he had to pee. And once the announcement hits, stream of piss is not far behind.

AND - then he needed his shoes off. This is actually kind of funny in retrospect...I tried to reach over Lil Kiss, undo the velcro and flip the shoe off and, well, it just didn't go very well and it flew into the front and jacked daddy right in the face. (I'm literally shaking I'm laughing so hard right now). But at the time - he was PISSED. He pulled over. We were on the interstate.

So yeah - the ride sucks, but once we arrive, Gram & Gramps take over. I headed on upstairs and napped my lil self away for like 2 hours. Sweet. Woke to a nice easter egg hunt arranged by Gram & Gramps - lots of candy and animal crackers. And super balls! GAH! Who would have thunk the joy those hard little suckers would bring! Fantastic. Even the kids liked them.

No Nap Neds went to bed early and we had steak and baked potatoes for dinner. Mmmmm. I lounged. It was heavenly.

Easter, we did church, in the crying room (God forbid the kids make a peep)...and lasted for an hour before Lil Kiss had enough. Gram cooked the ham, I ate more than necessary and - whala - napped again! Wheee!

Car ride home? Big Kiss passed out (thankyouGOD)...but I had to entertain the little one for the entire damn trip. Like full on entertainment. And that dog's breath just never got better. I swear he eats his own shit, it was so bad.

All in all - a good weekend. And I am currently on a kick to eat well and not drink alkiehawl for a couple of weeks. I'm a lazy ass and need to make some changes.

AND? I'm walking myself to the bank today. That's all.


Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

sounds like a pretty relaxing Easter. I am off alcohol for a few weeks too...need to do some last minute dieting for the sisters wedding.

4/14/09, 3:06 PM  
Blogger MommaKiss said...

Right, because you need to fit into that Pink thing.

4/14/09, 3:44 PM  

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