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Momma Kiss: 12.5.08

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I got nothing witty in me right now.

So I'm going to babble for a spell.

Our day started at 5.30am. Good times right there. No one cranky - just awake and having a party. We got our tree last night (where Lil Kiss was thoroughly spooked by the helper dude) and so at 5.32am, Big started asking to decorate. Repeat - every 15 seconds or so. Jeez, kid, I need some coffee first.

OH - and this is where Chink the Elf was when we awoke. Nice, daddy - tree hadn't been decorated yet - and you're not supposed to touch the elf or he loses his magic. So we had to ask him if we could move him - and Momma said from behind the tree "O.K. just this once!"

Decorating was, well, not what I'm used to. Lil wanted to clang the "baWWWs" together - you know - the GLASS balls? He couldn't do that so he was pissed. Big wanted to hang every.damn.thing and got frustrated when it would fall off. Where was Mr. Kiss you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. F'r.
I put this on our front door. It's the scraps from the bottom of the tree and a jingly bell wreath. Crafty AND cheap ;)

I took great joy in going to the post office and grocery store all by my lonesome. Ahhhhh, it's like a day at the beach - even in 33 degree weather! The lines, the cost to ship (for real?) even my crazy grocery bagger - none of it mattered. I was alone and whining offspring free.

Lil woke up from his nap with a fever, didn't fade - and was wheezy so he's on the neb again. At least it's a weekend - crossing fingers he gets over this one soon. And hey, he's been healthy for almost 2 weeks, can't be having that for too long now can we? He's our "sickly one." He's 15 months old today (little tear falling...) and has been sick more than healthy, I swear.

Big has successfully crapped on the pot 4x today. And peed on me 4x today. I guess next we'll be working on that whole bladder/sphincter control. And wiping. Oh Mah GAWD! If I weren't so damn happy he's out of dipes, I'd almost wish for them over wiping his ass after a potty poop. He hops off, bends over so he's in an upside down V and says "ready."


I signed up for this Momma thing why??? Oh, because they're cute and will take care of me when I'm old.

And tonite the Mr. is out at one of our holiday parties. He's alone - not because Lil is sickly - but becuse this is not a big one and we didn't want to waste a sitter on the night. Alas, I've finally showered and am parked on the sof in my sock monkey jams, pinot noir next to me and Grey's on the horizon...

Life is good.

p.s. this was delicious! an ornament cupcake!


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