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Friday, November 21, 2008


It was 18 degrees this morning. At 8.30am. EIGHTEEN PEOPLE! And that's the "real" temp - not the "feels like" temp - with windchill - that was 2 degrees. According to my friendly weather man.

Needless to say, I'm ice ice baby cold.

The Mr. and my big boy are on their way to visit my brother - football game for the Mr. - Favorite Uncle time for Big Kiss. We packed, hyped up the plane ride, etc. But as I walked them out to the car (at way-to-fucking-early-o'clock) this morning, it sort of hit me that my baby, my 3 year old, is about to spend 4 full days with all men. Single Dad Uncle K they're staying with. "Totally-cool-but-immature-dad" Uncle P who's going to accompany my man to the game. And the Mr. Now both of my brothers have raised children. But it's been a long time. And Uncle K lives alone now (his son is in the Air Force). And Uncle P is enjoying a fam free weekend.

Should I be worried? That there's no "Momma" figure around? No one to remind Big to brush his teeth? Or to go potty? Or to EAT?! The nerves only slightly set in yesterday when Uncle K called and said "what does Big eat? I need to go grocery shopping?"

Me: "Oh, nothing complicated - PB&J, pancakes, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, cereal, cheese sticks, bananas, apples, grapes."

K: "Slow down, I'm making a list. I don't have any of that. Can't he just have McDonald's happy meals?"

Errr, not even bread or cereal? Dayum.

Well. It's out of my hands. Mr. Kiss is a fantastic daddy. He'll be fine. And hey - it's Big's first "guy weekend" I guess.

If he comes home cranky, tired and 5lbs heaver, so be it.

And while the big boys are gone, Lil and I have a fun weekend planned. We're going to "auntie" A's tomorrow and our 'hood friend's on Sunday. He'll love it.

I fully intend to take advantage of the early nights and play with pictures, blog stalk and drink. Toodles!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 days of crap food will be fine. Think of it as a cruise for a 3 y/o!!! Plus he will probably burn off all the sugar/fat by running around w/ 3 men for the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend alone w/ Lil. Oh, and FYI - we are home tonight. Just sayin...

11/21/08, 12:22 PM  
Blogger Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Nothin better than a good blog stalk and drink session.

11/21/08, 1:42 PM  

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