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Momma Kiss: Some gift ideas

Momma Kiss

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Some gift ideas

In light of the holiday season coming up, some gift ideas.

I'm sure these are must haves! No?

A bottle of wine in a glass. "Just one glass" takes on a whole new meaning!
(and from the website...Dear Wine Snobs, get off your high horses and buy yourself one of these large wine glasses and have a grand ol' time drinking some wine. Or fill it with espresso and see if your heart explodes. Just have some fun with this giant glass...and buy, buy, buy!)*

I'd love to Pat The Husband!

Ice Cream, it IS what's for dinner!

And who DOESN'T need a yodeling pickle???

*That wine glass website is to fluckin funny!
Here's their questions and answers...

Q: Is it really possible for your heart to explode if you fill this with espresso?
A: From what we remember from medical school (which isn't a lot because we didn't go), is that it would take about 10 grams of caffeine to kill a healthy adult. That's about 100 cups of coffee. That means you would need to drink about 32 full glasses of coffee from our Giant Wine Glass. We don't suggest doing this. Your coffee breath would be simply unbearable.

Q: Is that really wine in the glass or last nights wine after a trip to the bathroom?
A: That's actually the wine from the bottle in the picture. Let's face it, our aim wouldn't be that good the night after drinking that much.

Q: Do you plan to carry any other comically oversized beverage containment devices?
A: At this time, there are no plans for additional "comically oversized beverage containment devices".

Q: Who would need this?
A: If you have to ask this question, you may not yet be ready for the responsibility of owning such a giant wine glass.

Q: What are the dimensions of the full bottle wine glass? We are looking for 25 glasses for an event and they need to match the current ones we have. Thanks for the info!
A: The Bottle of Wine Glass is 9" tall and the mouth has a diameter of 3.5". The stem is about 3.75" tall.

Q: I would like to know if the "Bottle of Wine Glass" is dishwasher safe.
A: Yes, the Bottle of Wine Glass is dishwasher safe. We recommend putting it on the top rack, if possible. If you wash it by hand, you can always dry your glass with Vat19's Grab & Dry Dish Gloves.

Q: Do you offer engraving on this full bottle wine glass?
A: Vat19 does not engrave or personalize any of our items.

Q: Your Bottle of Wine Glass video makes your " Vat19 " website look cheap. You have lost a costumer.
A: In an odd way, we kind of take that as a compliment. And here's why: A glass that holds an entire bottle of wine probably isn't going to be found in the Queen of England's crystal collection. Simply put, this giant wine glass isn't the classiest product on the block, and that's the way we like it. And while we're sorry to lose a customer, we love that video. I guess humor isn't for everyone.

Q: What if I spill the wine? Do I take that pearl?
A: What the...?

Q: Do you carry the 'Six-Pack of Beer Can'?
A: Nope. We aren't even sure exactly what that product is! We'd rather drink out of a big glass than a big can though.

Q: I had to check out the video after you "lost a customer." All I can say is that you guys at Vat19 are having waaaaay too much fun AND getting paid for it. Are you hiring any time soon?
A: We appreciate the kind words. Keep buying large wine glasses and soon we'll need to hire more people!

Q: Has anyone ever drowned in the Bottle of Wine Glass and are you covered for this possible liability? You know how sue-happy consumers are these days...
A: We figure we're pretty safe on this since most people have a head with a diameter greater than 3.5 inches and don't go around sticking their face in giant wine glasses for prolonged periods of time.

Q: Is the glass likely to break if you fall down while drinking from it?
A: With the great power afforded by our giant wine glass comes great responsibility. Like a gymnast with a sixth sense of their body's position in the air, you too should possess an uncanny ability to always keep your drink level and safe despite external factors such as dancing, falling, and hurricanes. If you are careless, however, and drop your huge wine glass onto a concrete floor, it'll probably break.


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