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Saturday, November 15, 2008

SNL Again!

I had the root canal today. My face hurts like a mutha fucka – like I was blowing a big one for 2 hours. But I got some better drugs than I had. Just big ass horse pills of Ibuprofen – but better than before.

So while I was gone the Mr. took the boyz to his ‘rents – it’s rainy and the concept of the day indoors w/the kids was daunting for him, so YAY for me – 24ish hours of no responsibility.

I shopped (cmas list, ½ way done!); got my brows waxed, visited my friend w/ 1 month old twins (oh to hold a tiny baby – mine were never 5lbs…so sweet)…and then made a nice dinner and I’m having some drinks. Ahhh Yeah BOUY!

So here’s some random thoughts. It’s been a while.

I was so busy at work and was ‘offline’ a lot (w/ my online group) and even though I miss them like major, the concept of coming home, reading or watching t.v. for a bit and going to bed (no internet) was heaven. I can’t lie. I need to get back in the swing, tho – I’m having withdrawals.

I’m watching Wedding Crashers. On ABC. Vince Vaughn is funny, Owen Wilson is funny to look at – but it’s so not the same when edited for t.v. Oh – and Rachel Adams. She’s unfuckingbelievably gorgeous! Oh Oh and Vince Vaughn is on my “list.” Mmmm.

I realized why I’m so out of shape and fat. Now now now I know – there are ppl out there who have seen me and may (or may not?) say “you’re crazy” but hey – it’s how I feel. I’m a lump of laziness these days and it’s getting to me. But I realized that I just love food. And drinking. I do. It’s part of my verve. So, the solution is to move my ass. Like in Madagascar, I need to moave moave it…I don’t eat that bad – I’m not eating sticks of butter and fried biscuits or anything, I just suck at cutting back. I just gotta work in the activity. Big time.

So my love of drinking? I’m having a delishiouso concoction tonight. You know those Fourbucks Frappuccinos in the bottle? That you can buy in the store? I do the vanilla frap, mixed w/ vodka, poured into a ‘tini glass that’s been drizzled w/ caramel sauce. It’s so damn good.

here - a visual!

I hate laundry. More the folding and putting away. And I went on strike from putting away Mr. Kiss’ laundry. I fold it and put it on his side of the bed. On the bed. If he moves it to the floor instead of putting it away – not my problem.

I made punkin bars tonite. With ½ sugar, no butter and ½ whole wheat flour. Oh and only ½ the rec. choc chips. But they’re still divine just out of the oven and I may just have another.

Movies I can’t wait to see – but prolly won’t see in the near future: Four Christmases. Marley & Me. The new Bond film. Australia. Changeling. The Secret Life of Bees. Role Models. That’s a long list! I need a life.

I think I’m typing to hear myself type right now.

I’m going to let the dog sleep on the bed tonight.

I’m getting another punkin bar and a refill. Cheers!

Fat Ass MommaKiss. :p


Anonymous Kiki said...

sounds like a great evening. no butter punking bars- how'd ya do that? Cheers!

11/16/08, 2:24 AM  

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