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Saturday, November 8, 2008

SNL. Momma Kiss style.

I'm watching a dvr'd Oprah. Talking about sex, sex therapy, gettin your groove on...and the guest, the sex therapist, needed a Clitoral Pointer.

I SNORTED out loud.

I'm a mature woman. But please. A graphic demonstration of the woman's holes and needing a Pointer made me SOL.

And another lil fact? Apparently your G Spot feels like the tip of your nose. Who knew.

I am learning so much. For Reals.

FYI. I went to a dual birthday party today. 5 yr old and her 2 yr old sister. I kicked ASS on the birthday gifts, getting things that were PERFECT if I say so myself. The 3 yr old brother in the middle is SO the middle child. But he played w/ both of my kids so Mommy and Daddy could drink, so I luff him. I did take it "easier" than the Mr. because I drove home.

But now that I am in fact home and baybees are sleeping - Mr. is in Manland - I have ME TIME with a pomegranate mojito. Yum.

Guess you know what that means...the HELL GUT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!

Can I get a HELL YEAH?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is that what you wanted?! :)

Glad you are feeling better.

11/10/08, 1:24 AM  
Anonymous Kiki said...

I thought you'd like that Oprah episode ;) Glad you are feeling better-Kiki

11/11/08, 1:13 AM  

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