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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's a new day!

It's a new day. Thank the God's above.
Friday - the day of the dead, I swear - ended pretty peacefully. All those drugs Lil Kiss had helped him immensely, he's breathing better...and we even walked around to the immediate neighbors begging for some candy before he went to bed. Big Kiss was the cutest little f'r trick or treating. He was Mr. Incredible - not at all shy about ringing door bells ("I'm gonna Ding Dong!") and saying "Special Treat" and then even a big ol' "Thank You!"

I had a road soda, it was delish. All in bed pretty early, tho.

Yesterday Mr. Kiss took the Big dude to Grannie's - Mr. came back - my 3 yr old stayed. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!" I mean - for reals, I miss that kid like crazy, but we needed a break and it's damn quiet around here.

So yesterday my friend A came over w/ apps AND dinner for the Mr. and I. She's Lil K's godmama, too - so it was fun for her to see him...then as he snored away, we had the best meal and lots of wine and laughter.

Lil Kiss slept - get this - 12+ hours. Straight. Sweetbabyjezus, this was sooooo needed in this house. I actually woke up at 5.30 and poked the Mr. - said "Did you get up w/ Lil during the night?" "Nope" Sweet. I went back to bed for an hour feeling so refreshed.

Now today we struggled to find things to do w/ just one child...and the whole daylight savings thing threw us off a bit.

All in all a fantastic weekend so far. Oh, I'm just a tad pissed A brought us her leftover H-ween candy. That bitch. BUT - I go to the dentist on Tuesday and their office is buying leftover candy for a buck a pound...and they're sending to troops in Iraq. So sweet, I'll get the devilish pieces of temptation out of my house and hopefully make someone smile.

gotta go - maybe catch a nap!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should sell my candy. I have a crap ton left over. Too bad I'm eating it ALL.

And a big HELL YEAH for 12 hours of sleep!!

11/2/08, 4:56 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Can I donate my candy too? That shiznit is allll bad! I hate it. But I love it at the same time too! :)

YAY for sleep! YAY for wine! YAY for laughter! :)

11/3/08, 6:57 PM  

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