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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Schmonday

This monday is not my fave.

But yesterday was quite entertaining.

MaiTaiMcGee was so hungover.

I did give him the pleasure of helping out with the snotty one during the night. And our power went out - from like 1a to 5a - and in our "white noise" = non-sleeping kids. And flat out quiet just creeps me out.

Anyway, I let him sleep in a bit and then I made sure the boys had all their noisy toys out - that's the kind of loving wife I am.

We visited friends yesterday afternoon, and the wife and I shared some champagne. Ahhh, blissful when the hungover husband is the DD!

On a serious note, my mother asked me for financial help (who doesn't need it these days?). She changed jobs and had to pay her own insurance for a while and can't cover this month's payment. I'm 100% certain it took a hit to her pride to ask me, even though I offered many times. I'm not wealthy - by any means - but I have more than she does. AND, she made me confident and strong and a go-getter to begin with - so she just paid it forward.

Anyway, just wanted to note how humbled I am. My mommy. My hero. In need. Makes my heart break.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

:( Momma. I am so glad you could help her in her time of need. You are a good daughter, and you are going to pass those great traits to both the Kiss's. :)

And LMAO at the loud toys w/ hungover hubby.

10/27/08, 10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw, that must have been hard for her to ask. You are an awesome daughter

10/28/08, 12:34 AM  

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