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Momma Kiss: Little black suit?

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little black suit?

I have this new suit on today. It's black, and has this wicked sharp design on it, really subtle. I've gotten a couple of compliments, which always makes my day.

But it's not a petite size. And I feel like, well, like it's wearing me instead of the other way around. Damn. It's a bit boxy - and the jacket does not have a button or closure. I just hate when I'm all decked out (kick ass black pumps to go with it) and then feel all out of my element ALL DAY LONG.

So I guess my next project will be to cinch in the jacket and hem the skirt a bit.

I hate when I have to get all Martha on my ass...

In other news, the Mr. has been away since Monday. I've been remarkably calm in the whole single parent situation. The boyz and I have actually had a lot of fun. We went to Salem, MA on Monday - in costume - and they were so damn cute. Big Kiss has been helping w/ Lil Kiss - wants to share with him and help give him a bath. Lil returns the favor by throwing food and splashing him - but hell, comes w/ the territory...And nights have not been horrible. Not fantastic, but not horrible. I'm pretty proud of myself, actually - for seeing the positive and enjoying time w/ the boys rather than bitching about having to "do it all by myself *whiny voice*"

Of course, it helped that I took yesterday off an shipped them to daycare so I could get a massage...Thanks Mr. Kiss!


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