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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nothing major...

Just some random shit from today.

Well, really - last night. We had a date night. Babysitter arrived after 6 and we went to a movie, The Express. It's about Ernie Davis, a black football player in the 1950's - went to Syracuse University and was the first black Heisman Trophy winner in history. I loved it. Mr. Kiss cried. Shhhh, don't tell I shared that.

On the way home we had a discussion about the way the world was back then - racially. And how we grew up lily white. I honestly wasn't taught to hate others because of the color of their skin or their religion, etc. - but wasn't exposed to anyone who looked different from me. I can't frikkin imagine the hell people went thru back then - not that long ago, really - just because they were born a certain way. AND - I'm thankful that my kids are exposed to many different cultures and ethnicities (sp?) every single day.

Anyway - good date night, and good sleeping night for the kids, schwew.

Today was jampacked w/ cleaning and baking and playing outside and movies... Get this, our library played Casper for free! Bonus - Big Kiss was entertained and it was nice and quiet so I read my book for an hour.

Double Bonus - because everyone was outside so much - it's just after 8 - I've had both kids bathed and in bed, ate a nice meal w/ my man AND have watched Oprah on dvr.

That, my friends, is a GOOD evening I don't intend to waste!


Blogger Denise said...

YAY for good days! :) I haven't heard of that movie but it sounds good! I think I want to see it now! :)

10/11/08, 9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lily white huh? Even with the doll?! :)

Glad it was a good night. I need a date night with the man. Not your man. My man.

You knew what I meant right? Good. :)

10/11/08, 10:23 PM  

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