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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I rock

So the Kiss Hizza slept in today! Shit. Let me revise, we were up at 11.30 with the Little one screaming his head off. That 4th molar NEEDS to push thru. Like now. And then at 5 again - BUT - we fell back asleep till 7. 7 people. This is soooooo not like us and altho it feels great, the mornings are much more rushed.

Anywaddle, it was my day to drop off. I basically tossed Lil Kiss into his room (little MoFo doesn't even say good bye to me anymore) and then got Big Kiss all nestled in. He sat at his lil chair w/ his lil name on the placemant and ate his bagel while I put his lunch in the fridge. His BFF JoeBunny (Giovanny) always says Hi to me and then we fist bump and BLOW IT UP! And then his other BFF, HacoBeeno the puerto rican jew likes to blow it up, too.

So me and the 3 boys are doing blow up bumps and one of Big Kiss' room aides goes "You are the funnest mom ever."

I heard her, but pretended I didn't and said "excuse me?"

And she said it again ;)

I could have kissed her!

Instead I said - "Awww, thanks. you know, it's either have some fun or fit me for a straight jacket!"


Blogger Denise said...

Awwww - you do rock!!! :) That's so cute! And YAY for sleeping in til 7! I am jealous!

10/8/08, 12:32 PM  

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