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Sunday, October 19, 2008


I went to see Kooza on Friday night. Cirque du Soleil. Circus Freaks! Big Top - not the Vegas scene at all - but I've seen both and prefer the Big Top! It was A-may-zing!


Wine. In a large plastic "wine" "glass."

Slickster. Man sitting in front of me. Greasy hair!

Stinky. The Indian (dot, not feather) man sitting next to me. B.O. that could clear a room.

Laughter. My cheeks still hurt from all the laughter. I went w /a momma friend who NEEDED a night out and I provided much entertainment.

Entertainment. I spilled my last drink of wine. On my sweater. Damn. Made my friend laugh louder ;)

Awe. The show was totally amazing. Especially the costumes. I'll have to look for pics online - the skeletor pics were the best.

I know - it's a quickie, but gots to go!


Blogger Denise said...

YAY! Sounds like you had a good time! Sorry about the Indian (dot, not feather - that shit craked me the hell up) with the BO - one of my biggest pet peeves! And sorry for the alcohol abuse! But YAY for making your friend laugh! :)

10/19/08, 4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. Often. :)
Glad you had a good time.

10/19/08, 5:21 PM  

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