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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Home from work yesterday - no mail in the mailbox.


Because the sheer amount of CRAP the mail lady had to deliver would not fit in the mailbox. No. A huge plastic bag on my doorstop held our normal stuff...bills, an early wish for me and someone wanting a donation.

AND all of these...

Seriously? 4 of them had 90% of the exact same toys.


I went to cancel them on - and realized some of them were already on my "do not mail" list...I canceled them like 2 weeks ago.

My recycle bin is going to be overflowing this fall, I can just tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love plow & Hearth. They always have fun crap that I have no room for, but that would look good somewhere in my house.

I'm sure your maillady was thrilled about lugging that up your driveway!

10/24/08, 11:39 PM  

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