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Momma Kiss: Apples

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Mr. Kiss is drunk.

This is how I know.

He asked me at way-too-early-o'clock today if I wanted sushi for dinner. "sure, that's great."

This is his clue that he gets to go and pick it up and have a drink at the bar while they make it.

So - fine - Big Kiss was a wicked mess today after hours outside (yesh!) and no nap. Sawing logs by 7pm (yesh). I come back downstairs to a text saying "they f'd up our order."

Translation: I'm having another drink.

Whatevs, I don't mind.

But he gets home w/ the goods and is totally glossy eyed and ...that means booze. Caught! He's so transparent. He confessed to 2 mai-tais. (this is in - oh - 15 minutes?) And he tells me the story of them f'ing up the order and I'm like "they should have given you a free drink for that." "They did!"

So he had 3. Booze hound. He's so goofy and dorktarded on booze, tho - it's entertaining.

His true give away is currently going on - he ALWAYS passes out to Goodwill Hunting when he's got his drink on. Always. And it's blaring from Manland. I should go take a picture of his drooling ass and show him in the morning.

And I'll say: "Did you fahck up some smaht kids? How 'bout them apples?!"

FTR, I lived in Southie for a few years. And I was hit on by Affleck once - at Fenway. Easter Sunday 2002. *sigh* AND - the guy in orange? At the last scene? Mr. Kiss went to college w/ him - same frat.


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