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Momma Kiss: What's that smell?

Momma Kiss

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's that smell?

Something stinks in my office.

Like dead eggs.

Wait, it's me!

I can not shake this stomach bug. I thought I was ok last night and had dinner w/ the 'rents (brought my Big Kiss home). Nope. Still have ass piss.

I hate being at work with it, so not comfortable, and honestly, I'm probably spreading it.

Top it off? My tooth, the one that was prepped for a crown - I have a temporary on it right now. I swear to god something is stuck in it because my mouth also stinks. It's nasty. And as much as fart humor makes me seriously laugh out loud, I am NOT a stinky person, very sensitive to it actually (recall my body odor gross out w/ the Dot Not Feather?)

So I've been gargling w/ mouthwash, munching plain crackers and sipping ginger ale. Oh, and spraying my office w/ my Aveda Personal Scent every free moment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get better.
And drink more water.
Dr. Val says so.

11/6/08, 5:16 PM  

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