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Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Shit

Last night we're sitting at the kitchen table, 3 happy meal boxes littering the top (chix nuggets and apple dippers for all of us!)...and Big Kiss drops an apple on the floor.

He says "Oh SHIT!"

I didn't overly react, just turned and said "Huh?"

He gets a huge ass grin and says "OH SHIT! oh shit, Oh Shit, OH SHIT!" all singsongy.

I didn't even ask where he heard that, please - easily could have been me, the Mr. or the frikkin neighbor.

But I had to hide my own grin and calmly tell him "We don't say that. There are things moms and dads can say - but you shouldn't say that. Especially in school, you'll get in trouble. You can say Oh Shoot if you need to."

Big Kiss: "Okayyyy Mommeeeeeee!"

And now I await the call from school...

Oh, and speaking of school (FTR - it's daycare, we just call it school) - today is picture day. And of course yesterday Lil Kiss, aka Rocky, managed to bust his lid on an end table. The end table that is boxed in behind an ottoman and 2 couches. He was up on one couch, plopped down on a pillow and springboarded right into the hard ass wooden corner of the end table. And then he was stuck, upside down because I couldn't get to him fast enough. No blood - thank God - but he cracked himself smack between the eyes. I thought for sure we'd see 'coon eyes this morning, but nope - just a swollen nose.

And a bruise that will def. show up in our "holiday portraits."

Damn kid ruined my portrait coordination - I almost smacked Big Kiss so he'd match, but we don't want CPS calling now do we?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Shit! LMAO.

11/11/08, 11:38 PM  

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