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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Stand Corrected

I was "working" from home this morning while Lil Kiss recoops from his fever filled week. He's fine now - and didn't "have" anything - just a super hot fever and he got kicked out of school till it's been gone for 24 hours. I should reprint the "health care rules" that I was given. Mentions "sniffles" and "excessive nasal discharge." Are you fucking kidding me? Sniffles? It's a god damn DAYCARE - those monsters harvest and breed germaines!

Anyway - "working" is used loosely because every time I'd go near my computer, the kid would yell at me. Literally yell "AHHHHHHH" and come bang on the keyboard.

Until I turned on Yo Gabba Gabba. It entertained him for like 15 minutes at a time...enough for me to respond to an e-mail...whatev.

I'm a fan of YGG. But haven't really ever paid attn to the names of the guys. That is until today - I heard DJ Lance intro the characters. (FTR? These writers have got to be on 17 kids of illegal narcotics - crazy shit). So I see the pink one - semi normal looking - and hear her name called as FUPA.

Er...anyone ever heard the term FUPA? As in "Fat Upper Pussy Area"? (kinda like Gunt). I have 4 brothers - and they've enlightened me with a vivid vocab, started at a young age!

So here's me chuckling at the meth-addict writers creating their cute pink thing and calling her FUPA.

Much to my disappointment, tho - I googled it to find a pic to post here and I stand corrected. Her name is in fact Foofa. FOOFA? FUPA? I think I'll never watch again w/out calling her FUPA.

Also? Whilst I'm at it...does this guy - mainly his arms - remind you of John McCain? I mean - dude was strung up by his thumbs or something equally horrible during his time as a POW - but this guy's arms remind me of J McC!

Hrmph. You really need to see him in action. The arms bend so low.

Anyway. Peace.

(ok here's a video. And a kid dancing on the stairs. Of COURSE that's the most appropriate place to "break it down!")


Blogger Denise said...

HAHAHAHAHAA! I love YGG! :) Emily is now even sportin' some of their clothes. Yes...I am an addict...thanks to Baby Momma. BUT I think it was YOUR doing that got Baby Momma addicted...hmmm...

so in got me addicted to that crack! Baby crack that is! :)

11/19/08, 11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!! I totally thought it was FUPA too at first. Adam had to tell me differently. ;)

Denise - it wasn't Momma Kiss who got me hooked, but we can blame her anyway. :)

11/21/08, 12:15 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

I will never hear "Foofa" correctly ever again when I watch YGG. I watched it today and laughed when they said her name!

Made me think of you! : )

11/21/08, 8:57 PM  

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