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Momma Kiss

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Friday, December 5, 2008

A bit much?


THIS is what I saw when I walked to my office this morning.

The Corporate Accounting group had a decorating "party" last night and apparently someone threw up.

Tossed their cookies and all this shit came out!

A singing reindeer (or moose?) next to an old fashioned caroler.
Oh - and love those "archive boxes" that are propping up the other singers on the right.

The stockings were hung with care...

Yes, those are "candies" hanging from the ceiling.

The candy canes? Cut from cardboard. And colored. By a bunch of employees in their 40's! No joke. And 2 are men.

The Pièce de résistance ...a waving Gingerbread Man.
Again, cut from cardboard. And colored.

The total IRONY here???

This whole group is a bunch of Negative Ned's and Bitchy Betty's. Someone must have been up their ass to "perk up" or something.

And I seriously am going to try to avoid this area at all costs for the next 20 days. It's ruining my love of all things Christmastime!


Blogger Denise said...

Um. I have the flu today and those pictures just made me throw up in my mouth some.

But at the same time - they are friggen hilarious!

12/5/08, 6:02 PM  

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