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Momma Kiss: Dreams freakin me out

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreams freakin me out

I have been having the weirdest, craziest dreams lately. I remember dreams, which I’ve heard isn’t good – as in – it means you’re not sleeping soundly. Hello? I’ve been sleeping like shit since pregnant w/ my first child – that’s about 5 years now. But typically I remember dreams from the mornings…i.e. after one or both kids wake up for something and I’m able to get myself back to sleep…into that semi-conscious slumber.

Altho it’s happened a lot, I don’t always remember the details until something triggers it. For instance, this morning. I went in to get my hair-cut re-cut (my girl rocks, she helped me out) and we were talking about her upcoming trip to Greece and I remembered that I dreamed I was crashing in a plane.

Yes. The plane was going down, into the water, I tucked to my knees like I was told to and just kept saying “I love you God, I love you God, I love you God.” Really. I think I was trying to recite the lord’s prayer, but it wouldn’t come to me. And I could see water and such but then the dream switched.


I also dreamed that I was in a bar, trying to hook up w/ a sailor, and had to go to the bathroom, but first I had to get my hair fixed. So random. So the hair fixing – she gave me the ugliest mullet/big bangs/wings/layers that you can imagine. And I was too embarrassed to tell her I hated it. But I was still trying to hook up w/ that sailor. After I peed (using a lid protector, mind you).


This other dream I remember is losing my boobs. Yep. Literally losing them, like one second they’re there, I’m hating their size, hating my posture, adjusting my bra, trying to keep the buttons closed on my shirt – and the next second, I just lose them! I’m groping myself and my 12 yr old boy-flat chest and just stand there perplexed.

I have many MANY more dreams, but seriously – this is creeping me out.

Oh, let me leave you w/ this. I’m going out tonight w/ some momma’s. As luck would have it I am NOT going home first, which means I am wearing jeans and a cardigan set instead of the hot pants I planned to put on. AND? I spilled some sweet & sour on my boob shelf at lunch. Clumsy dork.

Ok, enough verbal diarrhea. I promise…


Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

I have been watching a pretty violent show before bed lately and seem to have dreams that I am a drug dealer and about to get shot. I have to stop watching that show before bed LOL

6/10/09, 3:21 PM  

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