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Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today is the day I write.

Yes. I’m writing. I still don’t have it in me to blather on and on about my baby’s birthday. But he’s heard it from me in person – so that’s all that matters.

So some random shiz floating about.

I heard from a co-worker thru another source that this woman I work w/ has an issue w/ something that went down. In MARCH. That’s, lemme count, 3 months ago?? And she’s a super senior exec or whatever – and she shared her “issue” w/ my boss’s boss, who then shared w/ the source. I’m beyond pissed. C’Mon 50 yr old hag, just be professional and tell me yourself – I can take criticism, even tho this “issue” is complete bunk and just YOUR issue (OCD much?). Anyway, I just asked my boss about it and he was cool and knows she’s a work-a-holic w/ nothing better to do than try to bring other’s down.

I’ve been fretting about taking a day off. And that is MY issue – my boss is the best – so understanding and flexible. So since I just finished a reporting period, working long hours - Friday I just want a “me” day. You know, for a pedicure and to get my wig busted. So I’m agonizing over telling him I have a doc appt or the kids do or whatever. In the end? I just e-mailed him and said “I’d like to take Friday off.” And he just said of course. Jeez, like he really cares why – it’s probably better I don’t ever tell him why I need a day off!

Miley Cyrus is on the radio right now and I may just toss it across the room. Or – hey – why don’t I just turn the channel.

I’m catching up on DVR and just watched the CSI New York where Danny and Montana get married…and the song played was by Scars on 45, Beauty runs wild across your face. It made me BAWL like a baby.

I’m waiting to hear from my insurance company on something I requested a month ago. 29 days ago to be exact. The waiting is agony.

This past weekend we had 2 yards of mulch and 1 yard of stone delivered. In past seasons, spreading that shit about would have taken a few days – at least. Typically one of us would work on it while the other tended to a baby or 2. But finally the boys are of the age where they can help, play together, etc. and we busted that job out in 3 hours. It felt wonderful! Mr. Kiss was truly amazed and admitted the weekends are getting easier. They are. That baby phase is damn cute, but it’s nice to have a bit more freedom right now.

After yard work, I decided to do cartwheels in the yard. Big Kiss was in hysterical fits of laughter, especially when my shirt went over my head. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I could still do it! The aftermath, tho? Sore muscles! AYE! Hurts so good.

My child, the sissy whiny one, he has been getting better in the respect / listening department. At least we think so. Baby steps.

My other child, the 21 month old, well, he is just changing more and more and it sort of scares me. Learning words we’re not sure he should learn, sign language, running and jumping and laughing.

It’s fun being a momma these days – even when they’re on my last god damn nerve, I have to remember I’m lucky to have healthy children, a husband who loves me, good friends and a good job.

There – that was a lot of drivel – but I don’t know when I’ll get to write again. Have a happy hump day!


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