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Monday, May 11, 2009

In a Nutshell, V2.0

On Friday, I did enjoy some pinot noir with my bf A.

I did laugh and laugh and laugh with my bf A.

I may or may not have had a conjugal visit with my husband after said pinot.

I did wake up too early on Saturday.

I did not like being up so early w/ a headache, but was excited to be goin’ on a trip.

I did fall asleep on the quick flight to B’more.

I did not feel rested after that drooly nap.

I did give a HUGE squeeze tight to my Bobo when she picked us up at the airport!

I did not yell at her when she took a wrong turn out of the airport and turned a 15 min ride into a 55 min ride.

I did thoroughly enjoy the ‘bottomless mimosa’ special at lunch.

I did not thoroughly enjoy the ouchie tongue from all the orange juice.

I did continue to drink champagne thru out the next few hours.

I did take a pseudo nap w/ Bobo.

I did not sleep during planned nap, but giggled and giggled and spooned and giggled.

I did about crap my pants when Bobo’s husband popped the cork on the Magnum of champagne.

I did enjoy some cham cham w/ Bobo and her husband.

I did also enjoy wearing comfy clothes out for the evening instead of my cute outfit.

I did not in the least bit worry about our ‘cham to go’ water bottle as we walked the Inner Harbor.

I did enjoy meeting up w/ my husband at the bar.

I did not enjoy walking the miles to Camden Yard.

I did enjoy watching the steward pouring the full bottle of wine into 2 large plastic cups for Bobo and I.

I did NOT have more than a few sips of said wine.

Neither did Bobo.

I did or did not puke in the bathroom at Camden Yard.

I did not enjoy the fact that our team lost.

I did not enjoy the fact that my hangover started to set in on the miles walk back from the game.

I did NOT enjoy waiting for my snack at the Cheesecake Factory.

I did, however, GREATLY enjoy motorboating that snicker’s cheesecake. At 11pm.

I did not enjoy being sick in my hotel room at midnight.

I did enjoy sleeping till 8 on Sunday.

I did enjoy hearing and unprompted Happy Mother’s Day from Mr. Kiss!

I did not enjoy the bitter muddy coffee at breakfast.

I did not enjoy the flight home. At. All.

I did enjoy Big Kiss totally bypassing daddee when we got home and racing into my arms so hard we fell over on the grass.

I did also enjoy the fact that Lil Kiss was asleep when we got home (my heart needed small doses yesterday).

I did really really enjoy spending the afternoon w/ my family and my in-laws.

I did also really really enjoy the bath I took, in such silence, I could hear my heart beat when my ears where under water.

I did not enjoy the fact that it was beating wicked fast and sort of hurt.

I did love putting Lil Kiss to bed.

I did feel like I was about to fall asleep at 6pm.

I did, therefore, fall asleep putting Big Kiss to bed at 7.30pm.

Which calls for the shit-show hot mess I am today. I’m tired (over rested tired?). I’m sore. From laughing and giggling and coughing and walking. I’m having major sinus pain. I’m in day 2 of a hangover (those bottomless mimosas, not such a good idea). My ears are popping. And I’ve had night sweats. Major. I’m only 34. A doc visit is in order. Stat.


Blogger Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

you had me at Bottomless mimosa's LOL

5/11/09, 3:04 PM  
Blogger MommaKiss said...

And? The bottomless mimosa was ONLY 9.95! We got our money's worth. Her 4 yr old kept telling the waiter we needed more "juice."

5/11/09, 3:30 PM  

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