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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Lil Catch UP

Some things going on in the past few days.

First - I am so glad it's Thursday! GAWD this has been a long ass week.

Mr. Kiss was gone. Monday to last night. Tuesday morning I took a whore bath before work, yesterday? packed up the kiddums and dropped them at daycare when they were unlocking the doors. In my jammies. And then I returned home to shower in silence. Bliss.

I decided to get those wrap things on my nails. Not tips, or long fakey nails, but just the stuff that goes over my natural short, square nails. They feel funny. But I sort of like them. And it's all in the nature of attempting to curb my texting addiction. It appears to be working.

I've been sick. Like lost my voice, sinus headaches, tired. It's not the swine flu, altho that's been spotted in our teeny tiny town. So I took some Mucinex and let me say - I love that stuff! DAMN. Can't believe I waited so long.

I'm working on some reporting stuff at work and it's time to just ask for help. I'm under the gun, it's not reconciling and I need to just be humble and admit I'm not there. This is gonna suck.

I am going to see my bff this weekend. Well, the Mr. and I are going to a baseball game - but we're meeting up w/ her and her husband so it's really all about us.

While we're gone, we had to split child care. My friend A is staying over Friday nite so the kids get comfy w/ her and she'll watch them till Saturday afternoon when the 'rents arrive. I'm going to bet my bottom dollar she'll be needing some wine on Saturday evening. Those kids are a handful.

Mother's day on Sunday will be nice - I can't wait to get my gift and we'll spend the day lounging w/ the 'rents (i.e. perchance I can nap?). Sweet.

That's about all. Time to go eat crow...


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