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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Momma's Momma

I've been away from the blog for a few days haven't I?

My momma has been visiting me. She arrived on May 16th. It's been total heaven. She lives all the way on the other side of the country and I only see her once or twice a year. We're close. Not at all the "call me every 5 seconds" close - not even talk every day close - but she's my rock and I am who I am because of my mother.

Anyway - it's just natural when she visits. The "getting along" part. My kids love her to pieces. My husband even doesn't mind her being around.

This visit, tho - she's been like my personal live in maid/nanny/chef. Every single window in my home has been taken out and cleaned. Every single piece of dirty laundry has been cleaned, including bedding and towels. She's sewed me new kitchen curtains, and is working on recovering the couch cushions that the dog has scratched up. She has had dinner ready for us almost every single night (spare last night, when I took her out to "The City!"). She cleans up after the boys. She reads to the boys. She tickles the boys. She watches lame t.v. with me. She brushes my hair and rubs my feet. She let's me get wasted drunk and doesn't judge.

She is the perfect house guest and I don't want her to leave.

She has to leave on Saturday and I feel the impending depression coming. I do. I can't ignore it, but want to just enjoy the next few days.


Blogger momranoutscreaming said...

AW. that's so nice that you and you're mom get along so well. My mom would do all of that for me too if I let her but she just drives me crazy. She's trying really hard not to though. So that's something.
Sorry she'll be leaving soon. I'm sure the boys will miss the heck out of her.

5/28/09, 10:10 PM  

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