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Momma Kiss: Don't Break It

Momma Kiss

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't Break It

Man, I am loving the weekends now-a-days. We used to seriously search for things to do to keep the boys "busy." And that gets EXHAUSTING! But now, they play together as much as they fight together. I don't HAVE to carry one or both of them everywhere - unless they've run down the driveway too fast and scrape the shit out of their knees. They "help" with stuff, like watering flowers and picking up sticks. They don't even mind when I need to just sit and have a mommy time out. Well, that flies for like 5 minutes, but sometimes that's all I need.

I really REALLY miss that baby stage of the fat chubby fists and thighs - but this whole walking / talking / playing thing is a fun stage.

Top it off? The other night Big Kiss went to bed and had to come to the stairs for "just one more hug." Jeez - how do you turn that down? And then? He got to the top and went to blow me a kiss. Or so I thought. But he said "I blow you a heart!" I "caught" it, and he said so softly, "Don't Break it!"

You just broke mine, kid - God help the first broad who breaks your little heart!

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