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Momma Kiss: Sunday Blues

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Blues

Here's the thing.

I've been on drugs and out of work since Wednesday, finally feeling a bit better.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. And it's going to BLOW! Big Time. We are so slammed, and now I'll be behind and I just don't wanna go.

Did I ever say? Lil Kiss has Strep, too! JOY of JOYS! And boy, does he LOVE getting his meds. Loves it. Like a dog loves his own balls. Loves it. (insert major sarcasm, yeah?)

We went to the 'rents on Friday night so the Mr. could go to a basketball game. While he was away, I bailed on my kids (yes, the sick one, too) and got a mani/pedi and my hair did. Hey - when my Mr. makes reservations? That calls for a major effort to look good. Penicillin Pee and all. Put the kids to bed and we had the best dinner. And drinks after. A real date. It was heavenly, we needed to reconnect.

Oh, and the drive thru Fourbucks? Best thing ever. OMG. We don't have that shit in these parts, just Dunkin, and it was fantastical. Thinking about that almost makes me forget about work tomorrow.



Blogger Baby Momma said...

So you prolly don't want to hear about the drive thru Fourbucks that is a mile from my house.
Ok - I won't tell you. ;)

Glad you had fun!

2/15/09, 10:48 PM  

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